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Gender & Diversity

Gender app: Download the app here.

The gender app is useful when testing how a project meets the quality standards in terms of inclusion and diversity.

The gender app which is one of the tools in the toolbox helps you to integrate the gender and diversity perspective into a project description, project management, daily project work etc.

In the toolbox you will find more tools that help to support and quality-assure the integration of gender equality and diversity-promotion efforts within a project. The tools can also be used in other contexts. You will find suggestions for methods and examples of how they are applied within the SATIN project.

Maria Magdalena Holmgren

“I know from my own experience as a project manager that groups become more dynamic and better quality results are achieved when both men’s and women’s experience is utilised”

Maria Magdalena Holmgren, Center for Interorganisational Innovation Research (CiiR)