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Gender & Diversity

Our team

The gender equality and diversity work being carried out within the project needs to be seen as legitimate and inspire commitment. For this reason, leadership needs to clearly demonstrate the importance of the issue in both word and deed. It is also important to try to assemble a dynamic work group that embodies the principles of gender equality and diversity.

One of our gender equality and diversity ambassadors, Maria Magdalena Holmgren, expressed it this way: “In my experience, heterogeneous work groups consistently have an open and constructive cooperative climate that utilises its members skills, improves the group’s ability to recognise and include different perspectives and, not least of all, increase the group’s willingness and courage to think big and to coordinate different interests in the pursuit of common goals.” Read her analysis in full here (PDF).

Within SATIN, we created a gender-balanced work group with a range of skills for promoting gender equality and diversity. The group’s members were sourced from both the business world and Luleå and Umeå universities. They also represented the different work areas within SATIN: business development, design, management and technology. The project manager was also part of the work group and played an active role ensuring that the group’s work influenced every aspect of the SATIN project. The head of the Centre for Distance-spanning Technology’s (CDT) gender equality and diversity-promotion work led the group’s work. To ensure the quality of the work, gender researchers from Luleå University of Technology’s (LTU) Gender and Technology also participated.

Members of SATIN’s work group for the promotion of gender equality and diversity:

Johan E. Bengtsson, InterNIT
Ewa Gunnarsson, LTU, Gender and Technology
Jan-Olov Johansson, LTU, CDT
Staffan Johansson, Neava
Aron Lidgren, CodeMill
Lena Palmquist, Umeå University
Paula Wennberg, LTU, CDT