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Gender & Diversity

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Here you will find links, articles, reports, books and presentations if you would like to read more on the subject.

Practical Examples
The integration of a gender equality and diversity perspective into the design of the SATIN platform involved ensuring the design promotes self-efficacy, reflection and a number of other factors and strategies. The aim is to broaden the group of users able to develop apps without any prior knowledge of programming. Regular seminars and exchange of experience were organised in different work groups within the SATIN project. Lena Palmquist, a postgraduate student at Umeå University’s Department of Computing Science, held a seminar as part of this process.You can read her presentation here (PDF).

Method Book
The book entitled Innovation and Gender contains ten methods that can be used to introduce a gender perspective into innovation as well as an evaluation model. Order or download this book from VINNOVA.

A tool for measuring the effects of integrated gender equality and diversity efforts in IT and school environments has been developed as part of the Mäta Jämt project. The project’s work has been summarised in the handbook: Innovation and Gender – How to Boost and Measure Change

Can personality and competence be separated? A gender studies-based investigation of competence and ideals in four ICT research organisations. Find out more.

Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis, report: “Uppföljning av handlingsplanen Jämställd IT-utveckling för ökad tillväxt” (Swedish only). Länk till rapporten.


www.jämstä A portal with information on gender equality, together with a database and a toolbox. Measures and optimises workplace efficiency and innovation.

Euroquality. Jämställdhetskonsult AB works with a focus on process and offers services in the area of gender equality and diversity.

Katarina Olsson Konsult AB: drama teacher and management consultant.

Twist. A project for youths, teachers and parents.