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Gender & Diversity

Change Process

A project is strengthened when gender researchers and project participants work together to execute a change process.

In addition to collaboration with gender researchers associated with the project itself, the SATIN project also had the added advantage of participating in the Mäta Jämt gender equality project as a “pilot”. The pilots took part in focus groups and interviews designed to measure the results of gender-equality and diversity work in IT environments.

Both gender researchers and evaluating researchers observed an increased awareness among SATIN participants concerning attitudes to gender equality and diversity issues. Participants displayed greater commitment to and interest in these issues as the project progressed. They took greater personal responsibility for rectifying gender-related imbalances. They also expressed more moderate opinions about gender and gender equality and were less negative in their views than they had been at the beginning of the project. A number of participants recognised that gender inequality exists, even if they personally, as part of the norm, do not notice it. Towards the end of the project the work method used was no longer gender-blind, but rather had become more gender-aware.

Read more about SATIN as a pilot in the Mäta Jämt handbook, see pages 63-70: Innovation and gender – how to boost and measure change

SATIN’s Change Process: