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Gender & Diversity


The excuse that “there was no one else to choose from” has been used liberally to excuse the same stereotypical representations in the media and other contexts. Equalisters neutralises this argument.

Since its beginning of 2010, the organisation has been building a modern popular movement. Today, more than 38,000 people cooperate through social media to provide voluntary support to projects, organisations and media to help them find people with the needed skills who have been overlooked because of stereotypical ideas about gender, origin and physical ability. Equalisters’ work is based on publishing advertisements and gathering suggestions. The suggestions are used to supplement shortlists in many different contexts with competent alternative candidates that the organisation has had difficulty locating by themselves.

The use of Equalisters’ advertising service is free. The organisation’s website contains lists of names uncovered during previous searches. Use them to find speakers, process leaders, experts and more.

Link to Equalisters’ website