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Gender & Diversity

Integrate Gender in EU Projects

EU funding requires including a gender perspective in projects. Applicants must include how this will be done in the initial application. How can this best be done to ensure gender equality and diversity considerations do not become simply cosmetic.

The SATIN project held a workshop on the subject. The workshop was financed by the European Commission (DG Research) and was open to both SATIN project participants and other interested persons from academia, the business world and organisations. The diverse range of participants gave the added advantage that we obtained a greater number of perspectives and achieved a broader interchange of experience within the project. Katljin Demuynch from Yellow Window led the workshop.

”This training session provides practical guidance on how the gender dimension can be integrated in research, using clear examples of how gender is relevant to existing FP7 projects. The training introduces the practical toolkit. It comprises an overall introduction into gender and research and shows how gender is interwoven with all aspects of research. It then examines in pragmatic terms how the gender dimension of research content contributes to excellence in research. It also analyses case studies based on concrete examples drawn from several research fields.”

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