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Gender & Diversity


The Persona method is often used in the IT industry and also in research contexts. Personas are fictitious characters that are created based on interviews, observations and surveys and that represent real users, customers, customers’ customers etc.

Personas can also be used to expose and challenge preconceived ideas and to inspire commitment to change processes such as those related to gender equality and diversity.

The SATIN project has been one of the pilots in the Mäta Jämt project, which organised several workshops and presentations on the Persona method held by Eva Källhammer, a postgraduate student in the field of Gender and Technology at Luleå University of Technology. The Mäta Jämt project has developed and adapted the Persona method to work with the field of IT. A description of the Persona method is found in the Mäta Jämt handbook, see pages 30-36 and 44-46: Innovation and Gender – How to Boost and Measure Change

Innovation and gender – how to boost and measure change (PDF)

The Personas Method