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Gender & Diversity

Values exercises

Doing values exercises is a way to progress from opinion to insight. They allow us to look more closely at both ourselves and the group.  They is often a good way to begin gender equality and diversity efforts.

If a change process concerning gender equality and diversity is to be sustainable, it must be managed by at the executive level. It is also important that employees are given the opportunity to reflect and to discuss the content, importance and consequences of the concepts.  Values exercises are a good and interactive way to promote workplace discussion about issues that are very closely linked to the organisation’s values and quality-assurance efforts. Participants are given the opportunity to think and to make their own choices and to practice expressing opinions, explaining their points of view and listening to others.  As an introduction, participants can be asked to hold a discussion based on the question: “What is the first thing you think of when you here the words ‘gender equality’ and ‘gender’?”.

The SATIN project hired Katarina Olsson, a drama teacher and management consultant, as process manager. SATIN participants were asked to challenge their own opinions and thoughts and to scrutinise their values concerning gender equality and diversity.

Link to good advice on how to approach the task for the person leading the process.

There are many values exercises to choose from. Here are some that we have tried and found useful (Swedish only):