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Gender & Diversity

Working model

Including gender equality and diversity-promotion efforts in a project plan at its initiation helps to achieve success. Before any decisions are made, consider what the consequences will be for both men and women..

A working model has been designed as part of previous CDT projects and further developed as part of SATIN in collaboration with gender researchers.

Achieve change through practical action and reflection:

  • Establishing work groups with even gender distribution, including a steering committee with various expertise from academia, the business world and organisations, ensures a diversity perspective is included in the project.
  • Emphasising gender equality and diversity are incorporated in the steering group’s and work groups’ agendas, appointing a person responsible for these areas and allocating funds for the work are important ingredients in creating a gender-equal project environment within SATIN.
  • Forming a gender-equality and diversity group is necessary to ensure that these perspectives have strong supported within the project.


  • Achieve change through practical action and reflection
  • Increase awareness through knowledge and information
  • Develop and/or adopt tools and methods
  • Practice by carrying out practical exercises