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Gender & Diversity

Why Gender equality and diversity?

IT services and products shape both our individuals lives and social life. They influence work, leisure and even democracy. IT development affects each one of us. The number of women working in the IT industry is far too low – only about 27 per cent in Norrbotten County, for example. This disadvantages both users and the industry itself.

There is a lot of work to be done when it comes to achieving gender equality and diversity in IT, both in the business world and in academia. The fact that there are very few women in the IT industry is problematic given the awareness that diversity in work groups and businesses heightens creativity and innovative ability and, thereby, also results. Companies that do not actively work to promote gender equality and diversity risk higher costs and inferior product and service development compared with their competitors.

Work to promote gender equality and diversity within the SATIN project has been based on attracting a more diverse group of people to start developing apps and mobile services. Within SATIN’s framework, the project’s Gender and Diversity Team and project participants have promoted the development of work methods and processes aimed at optimising opportunities to create a gender-equal project environment. They focused on organisation and the roles and responsibilities within the project as well as how gender equality and diversity perspectives are integrated into the project’s core activities.

Within the framework of the project, diversity has been defined to include age, gender and ethnicity.